Garden Wedding Cinematography : Sher Reen & Shen Loong

Category: Garden Wedding

Who would have ever thought that a simple phrase like ‘where are you from’ could turn into the best love story ever? Little did they knew, this was only the start of something new for Sher Reen and Shen Loong.
6 years later, here they stand in front of an entire congregation to witness the success of their love; from little lunch dates and laksa trips, to planning a wedding and starting a new life together. Being together as both individuals requires a lot of love, patience, kindness and of course, learning to love what they love, especially the worst Laksa place in the world.
People find love in the most bizarre ways, it makes you believe in things you never thought you would, gives you courage and replenish your faith. As of this day, ‘where are you from’ turns out to be the place where Shen Loong recites his vows to Sher Reen. Beaming from ear to ear as they fill the atmosphere with their love. Love indeed is magical!

Wedding Cinematography : Motion in Style
Wedding Photography : CKvin Studio
Make up : Suki Lim
Emcee & Celebrant : Daniel Chan
Gown : Emmanuel Haute Couture
Wedding planner : Casa Amore
Decoration & Styling : Casa Amore
Band : Musique
Venue : E&O Hotel

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