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garden wedding cinematography, Eastern and Oriental Hotel Penang, Sher Reen & Shen

E&O Penang Garden wedding:
SherReen & ShenLoong

Who would have ever thought that a simple phrase like 'where are you from' could turn into the best love story ever? Little did they knew, this was only the start of something new for Sher Reen and Shen Loong.
6 years later, here they stand in front of an entire congregation to witness the success of their love; from little lunch dates and laksa trips, to planning a wedding and starting a new life together. Being together as both individuals requires a lot of love, patience, kindness and of course, learning to love what they love, especially the worst Laksa place in the world.
People find love in the most bizarre ways, it makes you believe in things you never thought you would, gives you courage and replenish your faith. As of this day, 'where are you from' turns out to be the place where Shen Loong recites his vows to Sher Reen. Beaming from ear to ear as they fill the atmosphere with their love. Love indeed is magical!.

Wedding Cinematography : Motion in Style
Wedding Photographer : CKvin
Make up : Suki Lim
Emcee & Celebrant : Daniel Chan
Gown : Emmanuel Haute Couture
Wedding planner : Casa Amore
Decoration & Styling : Casa Amore
Band : Musique
Venue : Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Penang


wedding cinematography penang - Amee & Zefrie

Modern Malay Wedding :
Amee & Zefrie

When Amee approached us in the first meeting, she wanted something special for her Akad Nikah. Instead of traditional ceremony video, we specially arranged a portrait session for the couple and incorporate it with the wedding ceremony. The outcome is awesome and everyone loves it!

Cinematography : Motion In Style
Photography : Pixel Tree Studio


Destination Garden Wedding in Penang, Lone Pine Hotel Wedding, Mitchell & Cassey

Destination Wedding at Penang:
Cassey & Mitchell

Being thousand of miles away from home, does not deter anyone from celebrating their love and express their hope, mind, soul and heart for each other. Mitchell and Cassey will forever express their love anywhere, anyplace and anytime... It brought tears of warmth, joy, passion and love... It's all about love afterall...

Wedding cinematographer : Motion in Style
Wedding Photographer : Alex Tan
Make up : Angela Kang
Wedding planner : Lane


Europe Prewedding : Love in Paris

I could not tell you if I loved you the first moment I saw you but I remember the first moment I looked at you, the rest of the world seemed to vanish.

We combined the love story of Ken & Crissty together with the amazing prewedding shot at Paris in this video. It is the dream of every couple to have a touching & unforgettable memories captured and it is a dream comes true for Ken & Crissty as their love is freezed.

Cinematography : Motion in Style
Photography : Kennfoo Weddings
Make up : Sanyu Chen Beauty
Venue : Paris, France

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#quekywedswatto: James & Sarah’s Midsummer Night’s Dream in Bali

On July 15, 2016, James and Sarah said 'Yes!' to being together forever in front of their closest family and friends. The first of four weddings, #quekywedswatto [Bali] was certainly A Midsummer Night's Dream to remember.
Their love for each other shone clearly through every aspect of their wedding. From James' winning streak during the gatecrashing games, to their very touching personalised vows, and, most of all, from their happy and glowing faces, it was clear to all in attendance that this love was a truly special and unique love to behold.
The Bride's love for organising parties and surprises was also certainly evident, as guests were entertained with a fun balloon release, hilarious speeches, a dance medley involving the father of the bride, the newlyweds and their bridal party, an impressive display of fireworks, and an exciting Balinese fire dance!
It was certainly a fairytale wedding for two soulmates who are a match made in heaven!

Wedding Cinematographer : Motion in Style

Photography: Funkydali the Picturesmith

Wedding Planner: Bali Ivory Wedding

Venue: Taman Bhagawan, Benoa, Bali

Yi Heng & Yi Yun : a very special Christmas Eve

24th of December marks a very significant day not only for the newly weds but for the parents of the bride as well. While the newly weds are celebrating their special day, the parents on the other hand, are celebrating their 29th wedding anniversary on the very same day!br />
YiHeng and YiYun have walked a bittersweet journey together since 6 years ago and finally decided to take a bold step into the future as husband and wife. Of course, it was an emotional but a very joyful day for everyone who attended their wedding reception on that beautiful Christmas Eve!

Wedding Cinematographer : Motion in Style

Photography:Pixel Tree

Wedding Planner : Significant Weddings & Events Consultant

Venue : G Hotel

Elysia & Kenneth : I love you a lot, a lot, a lot..

"No man can love my daughter like me!" this is what Elysia's dad told Kenneth when he asked for his permission to marry Elysia. But, Kenneth confidently answer: "I can!"
Marriage is not only choosing a right partner but also being a right partner in order to ensure the continuing blessing and happiness of the marriage. With the confidence and love of Kenneth and Elysia, we believe that ther marriage will definitely be a success! They exchanged their wedding vow in a Church and celebrate their wedding together with families and friends at St Giles' grand ballroom.

Wedding Cinematographer : Motion in Style

Photography : Pixel Tree

Decoration : Floralsense Creation

Make up : Yvonne Chuah

Lovely wedding at Park Royal : Dylan & Suanlee

When western meets oriental, what brings you?
Lovely weddings with combinations of Chinese culture and western style is really wonderful. All these are told in Dylan & Suanlee's wedding, their magical combination of Western and Oriental tell us that Love has no color, love only comes within the inner soul.
Their love is so great and by just a simple smile, you could feel that their love to each other grow stronger every minute.

Wedding Cinematographer : Motion in Style

Photography: KennFoo Weddings

Make up artist : Barry Make up & Hair do Studio

Wedding Planner: Antiga Creative Works

Venue: Park Royal Penang

My Wedding Vow MTV

We may only see this in movies, where the Prince serenades his love to his Princess, and all we can do is hope, hoping that one day, we'll find our Prince. But how often do we find him?
Well, never... Because he's taken and he belongs to his one and only true love, Megan. Eric went all out when he composed an original song dedicated to his wife. The song which contained his vows was sang as a surprise for Megan during their wedding. It was truly a touching moment as he held her hand and sang his heart out...

Wedding Cinematography by Motion in Style

Photography by Sky Hu

Venue at Carlton Hotel, Singapore

Wai Kit & Charlotte ~ Love Can't Wait

Kit & Charlotte met each other along the journey of their life, it took quite a long time for their path to actually crossed, but Kit came into Charlotte's life at the right place and the right time. Kit is like a missing puzzle for Charlotte, both of them join together and complete each other.

Wedding Cinematography by Motion in Style

Photography by Jenny Sun Photography

Wedding Planner by Touching Hearts Wedding Concept

Make up by Joan Tan

Jeff & Wina ~ Best vintage wedding

Distance is not a matter when we all are breathing the same air and sharing the same sky. Sometimes, we are even tested by God on the stronghold of our relationships. Some failed and some go eternity.
Jeff and Wina's first dating was way back in 2007. love has been proven from time to time till now...a strong 7 years. We believe that there will be more 7 years to come. their love is not something could be spoken or written in words. But, is the bounding that hold them tight together. The invisible knots that tie them securely together and the magical and wonderful feelings that them love each other greater by each day.

Wedding Cinematography by Motion in Style
Photographer: Mocco
MC: Jason Jay, Trinity Events

A dream wedding

"I have a dream, my dream is to get married... marrying Jonathan"
Jon and Rae has been dating for more than 10years. it's all started from a simple church camp and among the crowds, Rachel seems to stand out to Jon. Slowly, interest and love were built and till today, their love grew stronger and not lesser.
Some tears are shred in the video but they are tears of happiness.... tears that are worthwhile...

Wedding cinematographer : Motion in style
Photographer : Jenny Sun

Intimate wedding at Tanarimba

Kim and Jason's wedding was truly an amazing one. Exchanging their vows with a backdrop of the lush rainforest in the pristine district of Janda Baik, Kim and Jason definitely knew how to select an exquisite wedding venue. Their intimate wedding was also graced by the presence of so many fun-loving friends who made the day even more special. It was undeniably a celebration we were delighted to be a part of.

Cinematographer : Motion in Style
Decoration : Tie the Knot
Venue : Tanarimba, JandaBaik

The crown jewel and diamond couple

Kugan and Kavita were united in a colourful celebration filled with tons of energy and smiles. But beyond that merriments and glitters, the expression of close family bonds and staying true to culture and tradition was the definite highlight of this wedding. This wedding really showed us how close a family can be, how each member embraced the other and how everyone was sincerely happy for the couple, and this deeply touched our hearts. We wish Kugan and Kavita, the diamond and crown jewel of their families, a blissful marriage!

Wedding Cinematographer : Motion in Style
Photographer : Alex Tan
Make up: Cindi

Destination wedding at Penang : Adam & Della

A beautiful destination wedding featuring the lovely couple Adam & Della.
Although both hail from China, Adam and Della met a few thousand miles away in Australia and decided to tie the knot in the sunny island of Penang. Well, as the saying goes… love knows no boundaries. Being true-blue Penangites, our little island is always dear to our hearts. The fact that Adam & Della shares this love for our home when they chose Penang as their wedding venue, made us really proud! We hope that this cinematic film will wonderfully capture this charming wedding and all its special moments for Adam and Della.

Wedding Cinematography : Motion in Style
Photographer : Alex Tan
Make up : Angela Kang
Wedding Planner : Touching Hearts
Celebrant/MC : Jason Jay

Kingston Lee full moon party